Mirèio Milestones Set


Commemorate milestones past, present and future with the Mirèio Milestones Set Menu, a signature set that’s sure to make every celebration even more memorable.

This group set menu comes with a delectable appetizer, a citrus-sweet dessert, and your choice of main course.

APPETIZER: Salmon Tartare with smoked and freshed salmon, served with apples and avocados.


  • Pan-seared Australian grass-fed beef tenderloin, served with homemade truffle potato gnocchi, spinach, foie gras, and red wine sauce
  • Lobster and asparagus penne pasta (s), served with confit cherry tomatoes and orange zest.

DESSERT: Deconstructed lemon tart, made with marshmallows, meringue and lemon gel.

Elevate your celebration with special cakes recommended by Mirèio’s highly-skilled chefs.

Please note that all Milestones With Mirèio sets and platters are only available for advanced orders. Please place your orders at least two to three days prior to your intended pick-up date.

(s) shellfish – (p) pork – (v) vegetarian – (n) contains nuts

Allow us to fulfill your needs – please let us know upon ordering of any special dietary requirements, food allergies or food intolerances.

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Additional information

Main Course Option:

Pan-seared Australian grass-fed beef tenderloin, Lobster and Asparagus Penne Pasta