Pinot Noir – Cloudy Bay, New Zealand


GRAPES: Pinot Noir

TASTING NOTES: Leather, boysenberry and sweet spices

Ripe silky tannins, complex spicy oak and herbal notes, focused with bittersweet chocolate, dark fruit, dash of dark pepper with hints of earthiness, make up the blend of this classic red wine from New Zealand’s most iconic winery. An aroma of plum, aromatic spice and red florals round it out nicely for a textured finish.

RECOMMENDED PAIRING: Let yourself indulge by pairing this red wine with our confit pork belly, or our pan-seared beef tenderloin. Or both.

Allow us to fulfill your needs—please let one of our wait staff know if you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies, or food intolerances. 


Pinot Noir, Cloudy Bay, New Zealand


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