From the floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the metropolis, to the cubist painting of the story of Mirèio; from the meticulous plating of each dish, to the recreation of Frederic Mistral’s handwriting to create the Mirèio logo, every detail is a work of art at Mirèio.

Mirèio’s interiors are casual yet refined, as the diners are enveloped by an unobstructed view of Makati and beyond.  A collection of commissioned artwork from Philippine artists are exhibited throughout including an impressive modern painting depicting the story of Mirèio.

Created by Marcel Antonio, the painting depicts the poem’s 12 songs as written by Frederic Mistral. But Monsieur Mistral’s influence doesn’t end there. The very logo of Mirèio was created using specimens of Mistral’s handwriting. Special show plates for the Private Dining Room are emblazoned with illustrations by Gustave Fayet that he had drawn in black and white to illustrate light, inspired by both Mistral’s enchanting poem of Provence, and Van Gogh’s style.