Valentines at Mireio

Celebrate Valentines Day with a special 4-course Provencal menu inspired by the romantic love story of Mireio. This special set menu is available on the evenings of February 14 and 15 at Php 4,000++ per guest, and is inclusive of one glass of champagne.

Valentines Dinner Menu

“I sing the love of a Provençal maid”

Beetroot cream, infused mascarpone with white truffle oil
Crème de betterave, douceur de mascarpone à la truffe blanche


“He comes to aid her where she grieves; the two are now together”

Foie gras terrine, strawberry jelly, baby mesclun
Terrine de foie gras, gelée de fraise, mesclun

“Thus to Mirèio’s home came seeking her a trio notable”

Pan seared sea bass, squid ink and oyster risotto (s)
Bar rôti, risotto d’huîtres et encre de seiche


Veal tenderloin, mushroom fricassée, veal juice and brown butter (p)
Filet de veau, fricassée de chanterelles et trompettes de la mort, jus et beurre noisette

“The Saints will guide thee to the door of their great chapel”

Melted Camembert with pastis, bread and salad
Fondue au camembert et pastis, mouillettes de pain et salade

“Down in the peaceful blue we will abide

Salted caramel and Maracaibo chocolate mousse, lavender crème brûlée,
raspberry litchi sorbet, Pistachio sponge (n)

Mousse au chocolat Maracaibo et caramel beurre salé, crème brûlée infusée à la lavande,
sorbet framboise et litchi, biscuit pistache

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